Broken and Beautiful

Did you ever have one of those days when you were not certain how you would hold yourself together?  You know grace and love are holding every piece of you in place, but things happen during the day (or to start the day) making you feel like there is a strong, heavy hammer swinging at you threatening to break you into more pieces or to knock every piece of you loose.  Sitting at the unemployment office, I felt drained, tired and down.  After arriving back home, I texted my friends to pray—it was not my intention to stay in this discouraged state.  My best friend texted me back with a tongue sticking out emoji telling me that was already her prayer for me this morning, that God had already told her how to pray for me before I asked her.  I was reminded by another friend that His eye is on the sparrow, and He is watching over me.  When I opened one of my daily devotionals, the topic for the day was about what to do when we get weary fighting battles.  

After the events of the morning, I decided to go for a walk on this bright sunny day in February. I packed my string backpack with essentials, put on my walking shoes and before I walked any distance, I stopped to grab a hot chocolate with almond milk. As I sat on the high stool waiting for my 12 ounces of comfort, I could see myself in the mirror and decided to take a picture.  With my to go cup in hand and my “Lift Me Up” playlist singing through my headphones, I set my intent to be more positive. From this point on and continuing throughout my walk, there were words and images speaking to me as I kept my eyes, not down, but looking up, at least at eye level or higher. The rest of this post is pictures I took on that day. I hope the pictures speak to you like they spoke to me.

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