Step Out

Have you ever felt like you were on the verge of something wonderful? That the thing you always dreamed of, been so desperate for, longed for, yearned for deep in your soul is about to happen? Inside you has gone from butterflies to sparks to feeling like you can no longer contain it. This thing must come out. When it does it will be the most spectacular light show your eyes have seen. It will be so joyous your body will dance to the music heard so loudly in your soul. And yet…there you are…wrapped so secure in all that comforts you that you cannot move. Fear, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, doubt and negative messages are all reasons you may have for not being able to move. To me, moments like this feel like standing on a ledge, waiting to jump but I don’t because I’m afraid I’ll fall instead of flying.

It is time to step out, to come forth from the comfort. I’m certain like me, you’ve heard many positive words from those trying to coax you into moving. I urge you to move forward at your own pace, to listen to those who love and believe in you, to find courage and move/jump/leap/step. Comfort is good until it becomes complacency and locks us down. It doesn’t have to be a big leap. It can be one small step. I promise it will be worth the step (especially if you are wearing your favorite shoes).

There are moments I have been frozen with fear because of negative messages and the unknown in front of me. I remember when the last of my children was grown and left home. I felt like my security blanket was ripped off, and I was standing naked in the middle of town with everyone staring at me. I could not tell my children to move back home. I had to figure out my life goals, to move on.

It wasn’t until 4 years ago that I ever shared any of my writing or poetry publicly. Many of my poems are very personal, written about some very dark moments in my life of being a survivor of domestic and sexual violence. I was encouraged through a group of women writers to read a poem of mine at an open mic night. The night had come, and it was my turn at the mic. Trembling, I stepped up, spoke into the mic and read my poem! I received some snaps (poetry applause), and there were words of encouragement from the audience of strangers.

Have you noticed that the letters E and H are the only difference between the words “comfort” and “come forth?” E stands for empowerment, encouragement. H stands for healing, hope.

There are times I need to curl up in comfort because I am overcome with negative self messages or fear of the wide open unknown. Instead of being wrapped in fear, I wrap myself in grace, in love, in peace of who I am, in remembrance of all I have survived. As empowerment, encouragement, healing and hope rise in me, I step out, going from comfort to come forth.

2 thoughts on “Step Out

  1. Carrie this line:

    “Comfort is good until it becomes complacency and looks us down”.

    Your words encourage me to keep stepping, sister. Stretching past that point of comfort.

    So glad He connected us, for we are here to listen and encourage each other.

    In Christ, Julie

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