Welcome to Sole Journey!

We are each on our own personal and unique journey. I find the way enriching when shared with others. Whether you are standing still in preparation of that first step toward a new goal, continuing forward in an ongoing journey, or frozen in your stance trying to find safe and solid ground, my hope is to walk with you, navigating life’s path together.

A girl and her shoes
her destination known
before she was formed
took challenges and joys
to get her this far
the next steps
the best, the scariest,
yet nothing to do but
movement being birthed
the open space unknown to her
the gifts just flow
her heart so full.
Jumped right in, not to drown
but to swim and float
no sinking into the abyss
her life now ruled by bliss
victory gives a shout
the lies and defeat drowned out
by the voice of the little girl
who stepped out
connected intertwined
with self destruction
turned into self reflection
and respect
purple heart beating in her chest.
(written by crd)

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