Dare to Dream

Walk with me as we discuss in more detail each letter in the word “dream.”

D is for dare.  Dare is the boldness to dream, to write your vision down, to step out and speak up.  If you do not have a dream, now is the time to reflect, to understand the passions that drive you.  What do you love doing the most?  What makes you flutter inside?  Is there something you cannot stop thinking about, something that keeps tugging at you?  The dare is to answer these questions by reflecting through journaling, prayer, meditation, talking to those closest to you or perhaps taking an online personality or skills assessment.  Dare is to speak your vision out loud.  Dare is to grab onto courage and leap.

R is for reality.  We must look at reality, take inventory of our current state—mind, body and soul.  We must understand the obligations we have to ourselves, as well as understanding our obligations to others, whether it is family, work or community.  This inventory allows us to see what is needed to obtain our dream, whether it is an addition to our circle of support, finances or skills to be acquired through training. Taking inventory encourages us to look within at our gifts, skills, knowledge. There are no requirements of where you need to be at this very moment.  This reality check is to understand the current state so you can customize and document your dream, embrace your strengths and connect with and build your support network.  

E is for enable.  This is the middle of the journey, between the dream and the miracle.  Now that you have the dream in mind, this is the work that enables the dream to reach toward becoming reality.  Dreams can seem overwhelming and impossible until you break them down into goals.  I like to think that goals stands for getting over adversities and living strong.  Goals are the steps we take to realize our dreams.  Our gifts within are the catalysts to dreams. Goals and gifts enable us to meet the formal and informal requirements we compiled in the R phase above.  Support and empowerment are needed.  This is not always easy work, especially when obstacles and distractions arrive.  Sometimes life circumstances change and adjustments must be made—that is okay.  Do not fault yourself when revisions are required, or when something takes longer than anticipated.  We all go through this, and we must continue believing in ourselves and our dreams.  It is crucial to have a support system, a circle, a tribe of people who enrich you, who bring out the better parts of you and lift you up, who love you in such a way to sit or cry with you during hardships, to celebrate each victorious step, to push you through and empower you toward your goals and dreams.  To fully enable yourself, you must first be committed to your dreams, to your gifts, to yourself.     

A (take a moment to breathe—aahhhhh)

M is for miracle.  Do not be intimidated by this word.  It is achievable, with faith and through the power of the Holy Spirit.  You have your visions, your gifts and purpose, your network of people and resources.  You are not alone.  A miracle is what happens inside you and in the lives of others when you pursue your purpose.  When you dare reality to enable a miracle.

On your way to your dreams, 
put all the weights aside, 
tell the obstacles to move.  
Walk in your dreams.  

Your heart beats to them, 
your mind sees each piece of them, 
your spirit finds comfort in them.  
Follow your dreams, 
beyond today, into tomorrow, 
with yesterday packed away 
and learnings bringing you forward.  

Go with your dreams, 
beyond these words into the vision, 
the picture etched only for you.  
As you step toward the realization of dreams, 
put old things down, pick up the new. 
Wrap your dreams around you, 
allow them to keep you warm, 
be your shelter, comfort you, 
fill you, strengthen you, 
keep you in perfect peace.  
Never let the dreams out of your sight. 
Walk in them, dance to them, 
let your dreams shower you, 
shine in you, nourish your growth, 
heal your wounds. 
When you have taken every step 
and no difference can be seen 
between reality and your dreams, 
You did it!
We did it!! This picture was taken when my oldest daughter and I hiked to the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii.


In the early days of being a single Mom raising four children, my life was about survival. There was time for nothing else but working to feed, clothe and shelter my family. Dreams were not for someone like me–an unwed Mother, a survivor of domestic and sexual violence. Too much had happened to me. Too many bad decisions were made. Dreams were far out of my reach. I changed my view when I was let go from a job and participated in a program for single Moms making career choices to better provide for their families. Through a mentor in that program, I began to see just how many options I had. I began to see choices. I began to set goals. I began to dream.

Dreams open their doors to those willing to keep believing, keep moving forward through the obstacles, over the hurdles. Dreams welcome those who keep going step by step, goal by goal, accomplishment by accomplishment. Dreams are unwilling to die, dwindle, close until you give up. When you do give up, the door to dreams are closed and locked. Dreams forgotten or abandoned will still tug at you. When the pull is hard enough to stir within you the vision of the dreams tucked away, the door unlocks and opens once again. When one dream is realized, it sparks the creation of another. When you dream, it allows others around you to dream. Dreams take you into a journey of growth, love, faith and joy. Holding onto the dream and moving toward the realization of the dream will strengthen you and guide you in the most wonderful journey, shaping you along the way. Dreams are there for you to grab hold and step by step discover and walk in all you are. As we walk together, let our gifts and dreams lead the way.

The if is the dream in our heart, mind and soul.  The when is the realization of the dream.  In between the if and when is where we must first write a clear vision, where we must then break down our dreams into achievable goals. It is important to document the dream, vision and goals and enlist the support of a few close friends or family. This allows encouragement, affirmation and accountability to keep steady on the path of our dreams, no matter our obstacles.

I dare you to look at life through the eyes of your dreams. It doesn’t matter how many you have or what you’ve accomplished toward them thus far, there is always hope. It’s not too late to start. Stand dressed in all you are, your misgivings, your mistakes, your beauty, your gifts, your everything, and Dare Reality to Enable A Miracle.

How do our minds come to think of dreams?
Is it our experiences we’ve had over time that are suddenly remembered by a trigger?
Is it the color of our emotions when we close our eyes and sleep?
Do the pictures of our dreams come from ideas not allowed to brew because of our daily grind?
When we close our eyes and images float by, are they scenes of what we have seen awake, put together in our dreams? When we close our eyes, do dream give movement to the still images?
The scenes that we dream, are they the dress rehearsal for tomorrow morning when the curtains of our eyes are opened? Are these dreams the maps to hidden treasures from deep within?
Do they ride past our eyes reminding us what is true, carrying us to the right destination?
Are our dreams the fun we forgot in the day now ending at the close of our eyes?
If we don’t remember the dreams when we wake up, does that tell of the duties over the wonders?
Are dreams the thoughts we dare not speak out loud? What happens when dreams intersect with one another? Are dreams everlasting, how long do they live? Do they kindle the fire that keeps us warm in this cold world?
Are the end results of our dreams the reality of our gifts that were there from the start?
Is it dreams that add the starlight to the darkness of our pain?
When we talk in our sleep while dreaming, is it our own voice we have found?
Are these sounds in our dreams the chains being broken, our minds released from the prison of society’s narrow view? Do dream give flight to our thoughts when they glide by?
In the quiet dreams, is it God’s voice we hear drowning out the sounds of negative messages?
Are dreams the drying of our tears and the comfort for our cries?
Is it dreams that piece together the memories, good and bad and keep us whole?
Do dreams from the night before put the twinkle in our eyes when we awaken to a new day?
After the lights go out, do dreams provide the power source to bring us through the darkness of the night?
Are dreams our anchor so we don’t drift away?
Are dreams the wind that give our souls wings?
Are dreams the jewels that accessorize our otherwise ordinary days?
Dreams…….Dreams…….by crd